Energy Healing

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Shamanistic Painting by Ch’askamanta Chakra, an indigenous Peruvian artist and friend. This painting commissioned by me and has a central place in my practice space. This lady with the flowering back and wise friends in high places is my companion and witness to my therapeutic practice.

Most ancient cultures around the world have developed intricate and complex protocols to assist humanity with ailments that are not only of physical nature. They not only acknowledge the many energetic bodies in human (supra) anatomy but have put in place clinical interventions to diagnose and heal illnesses (both physical and mental) with little invasiveness!

From Tibetan Soul Retrieval to Santeria (Orisha systems), they seek to reorganize and settle the human mind into a calmer, more uplifted state. Traditional Chinese Medicine, being the most famous, enduring, and researched energy medicine in the world, seeks to harmonize the physical body and the mind, into a homeostatic state.

I am privileged to have come from a deep well of ancestral wisdom that survived the colonial genocide and thrives stronger than ever! Moreover, Andean Shamanic Healing and its geographical sister, The Rainforest (Amazonian) Shamanic system, has undergone an academic and scientific revolution which has brought them to the foreground of psychedelic, as well as, addiction and mental illness studies. Energy medicine is complementary to psychotherapy and at times superior because cultural values and other elements impact the effectiveness of psychotherapy.

Personally, I have been an avid student and practitioner of energetic healing systems since I was 16 years old. Life has brought me opportunities to learn from the Non-Physical, hence my psychotherapy practice is informed by all kinds of non-Western spiritual traditions. Although energy medicine around the world includes complex interventions such as the Ayahuasca ceremony, Astral Surgery, and the spiritual assistance of individuals who are actively dying, there is one intervention that is simple, effective and near and dear to my heart: The Andean Aura Cleaning, also known in Spanish as “La Limpia”.

No one can tell us how old this technique is, but what we can definitely assert is that it is part of the lives of millions of people in the Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia region. It is a trusted energetic intervention that “gets the job done” when every other recourse has been exhausted! There are many versions of the “limpia”: it can be done with Rue (a herb), the individual being “smoked” with Palo Santo (a purifying wood), even live animals are used to “draw illness and evils” from the person. However, the simplest and most effective version of the Andean the limpia uses a whole egg. The chicken egg is a very large live cell that acts as a noble magnet, “pulling” energetic impurities from an individual, helping the person’s own energetic system restore itself and achieve a kind of energetic homeostasis.  A session of “the limpia” consists on passing the whole egg on the body in quick, light motions which may take 10-15 minutes. It ends with the cracking of the egg in a glass of water and the “reading” of the egg, much like coca leaves or cowrie shell reading.  The reading gives more information about the nature of the ailment.

Andean Energy Cleaning
The cracking and floating of the egg show individual (and sometimes quite dramatic) manifestations that can then be “read” by knowledgeable people.

The Andean Limpia is exemplarily helpful for immediate relief of :

  • Unexplained fear and anxiety
  • Events that cause shock, shame, embarrassment, worry.
  • Accidents, falling.
  • Nightmares, night terrors
  • Medically unexplained headaches/ pressure/pain in the body
  • Malicious gossip and envy directed at you.
  • Sense of foreboding
  • Unexplained colic, crying and startling in young children (“el susto” or “mal ojo” in Spanish)

I find that it is incredibly useful for someone undergoing trauma therapy to get a limpia from time-to-time to clear up “energetic debris” and continue the therapeutic work much “lighter”.  In cases of single-event trauma, such as an assault or car accident, a limpia can speed up neurological integration!

Sebastian Cobenas - Energy Healer
Sebastian, is an Energy Healer, who is popular with children and adults alike. He works in the Dupont and Christie area.

For varied professional reasons, I no longer offer limpias, however, I work with SEBASTIAN, who has over 15 years of experience conducting Andean Aura Cleanings with whole egg, as well as its subsequent reading. He is respectful, gentle and an indefatigable learner of complex energy maps such as Acupuncture. We have collaborated with trauma clients many times with much success. He conducts limpias on babies and children of all ages, as well as adults. He also offers Reiki, CranioSacral Therapy, Tuina and other spiritual-centred interventions. Both his grandmothers were energy healers (Curanderas) in Peru and he has learned directly from his maternal grandmother. He works in the Dupont and Christie area in Toronto, Canada (disclaimer: he is part of my close-knit community). He is a supporter of LGBTT2S communities.




You may contact him thru acusebas @ or thru wiseheartmedicine @

This is me conducting an Andean clearing circa 2015, in Toronto.


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