Couples Counselling

I offer anti-oppressive, anti-racist, feminist, Gottman Institute-based counselling. Although all couples style are supported, I am particularly experienced supporting and assisting change for monogamous and primary partnership long term relationships and marriage. I have especial experience supporting same-sex couples (mostly lesbian) in inter-racial, different background & culture, trauma-experienced couples. Identity: I am a queer lightskinned Indigenous Latina woman who grew up middle-class in South America.

Please be aware that couples counselling with me starts with individual sessions with each person and that may be what is necessary for the next 1 to 4 sessions until we are all ready to move to live couple’s work. Be assured that this system has worked successfully in the past and it assures all of us that our true stories, fears and hopes and met in safety and transparency.

Couples also need to know that when they hire me, the principal client is the “relationship/marriage” itself and as such I will open one (1) file and the couple both have a right to it, after written request. This means that although I take great care (and pain!) to be diplomatic, discrete, gentle and kind with information given, there can not be secrets in couple’s counselling.  You can get support on how to disclose and communicate certain information.

I also hold something very valuable that make me an asset for couples counselling: lived experience. I hold marriage and commitment as precious because of their wondrous benefits for the individual and community. The grass is not greener somewhere else, it is greener where you water it!

To start this process, email me directly at wiseheartmedicine @

Couples counselling fees vary depending length of session. Block fees available.



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