Fees 2021

These are my fees for the year 2021:

1 hour (60 min) of psychotherapy/counselling- $160. If you are a client that sees me on a weekly basis, you may access some financial assistance to $140 per session. Once you are no longer a weekly client, the fee becomes $160 per session again.

1.5 hour (90 min) of psychotherapy/counselling – $200. This length is appropriate for family/couples counselling or occasionally longer EMDR/Transformative mindfulness/crisis support sessions.

All fees payable before the session starts, unless previous arrangement has been done.

It may be possible to access a fee of $120 per session if you are a student and/or unemployed/underemployed person who needs trauma therapy but this is subject to availability. As you can imagine, those spots are usually taken. I am deeply committed to offering affordable, long-distance trauma therapy to women in Latin America, so most of my financial assistance goes there. But ask anyway, you never know!

The fees are payable via e-transfer (preferably), cash or cheque. Occasionally I will accept Paypal.

Block fees (also known as packages), for clients that prefer the convenience of this, can be arranged after a few first sessions to ensure successful therapeutic alliance. Let me know if you are interested.

I offer digital receipts with RSW (Reg. Social Worker) designation for insurance benefits. Approximately in April of 2021, I will be able to offer an MSW (Master of Social Work) designation for added accessibility of insurance benefits.

To book a free 20 minute consultation or full session, please email me at wiseheartmedicine @ gmail.com or text me at 647 262 9085.